Bill Gates picture

John Ranlett as "Bill Gates"

Bill Gates impersonator
Photo by Phil Hanson

John, aka "Bill", is undoubtedly the best Bill Gates look-alike this side of Redmond, Washington as you can see by this recent photo.

Just how good a likeness is he?

  • Good enough to be hired by Microsoft to fill in for the real Bill Gates.
  • Good enough to completely bamboozle a television news crew at the first annual Bill Gates CEO Conference in Seattle.
  • Good enough to be used as an example of "deception in the media" by the editor-in-chief of Brill's Content magazine, a leading communications/journalism publication. (Based on a spread Wired magazine did using "Bill")

But "Bill" is more than just a pretty face. He is a talented actor, is easy to work with, and can take direction well.

He has a great sense of humor, a well developed sense of timing, and can think on his feet.

"Bill" is also computer literate, and, unlike the real Bill, actually has a college degree (MBA, University of Washington).

"Bill" is well qualified for your print, commercial, and film jobs, as well as convention meet & greet, Bill Gates photo op, and speaking work. He also does bar mitzvahs. He is an impersonator for all occasions.

Note: don't get short changed when you hire a Bill Gates double. This "Bill" is the same height as the real Bill Gates.

"Bill" appeared in the famous It's All About the Pentiums comedy music video with Weird Al Yankovic    Here is an actual frame from the video where Weird Al phones "Bill Gates" at home for tech support:

Bill Gates pciture with Weird Al Yankovic
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Bill Gates Photo

Bill Gates Look-a-like

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Compare a Bill Gates photo or picture to the real thing and see if you can tell the difference.


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